A digital marketing strategy will help you to outline and create a clear path to your strategic business goals.

Businesses today need an online presence, and many marketers have reduced their traditional advertising budget to fund their digital marketing strategy efforts. With so many digital marketing options to choose from, it is a minefield, and you need a plan. An effective digital marketing strategy can help, and as a digital marketing agency we can help you significantly in this area.

Your marketing strategy will give you a clear focus with goals as well as ways to measure your progress. Everything from your website, to your email campaigns should be on your plan. Don’t waste time throwing ideas at the wall and crossing your fingers!

As a digital marketing agency, we help you to connect your business objectives to clear goals, and measure your hits as well as misses.


online presence and digital marketing strategy

Create a Plan for Building Your Online Presence. Get tips and advice on what you should be considering when planning your website, online marketing and monitoring.

  • Define your digital business strategy goals
  • Know your key digital channels
  • Identify your digital marketing tools
  • Develop a content strategy


implement your digital marketing strategy

Improve and Grow your Site. Discover what resources are available to enhance your online presence.

  • Create your budget
  • Set up a marketing strategy timeline, and calendar
  • Put everything in motion


monitor and measure your digital marketing strategy

Take your Efforts to the Next Level. Learn about the latest methods and platforms you can use for greater connection with your audience.

  • Monitor and measure your digital marketing
  • Grow your business using your digital strategy
  • Set up regular audits

Online Marketing Budget

We understand small businesses, and we understand that budget may vary and include one or more digital marketing channels. We can help you plan your marketing budget by showing you your online options and helping you to monitor your goals.

Many small businesses don’t allocate enough money to marketing, or they spend their marketing budget haphazardly, and without monitoring the results.

All businesses need a solid marketing plan for selling products and services successfully, and we will help you to achieve the following:

  • Show you how to get to know your customers
  • Assess brand development costs
  • Explore marketing channels
  • Set out your budget
  • Monitor your success

The most important thing is that your marketing plan is manageable by you, both financially, and in terms of resources.

How to get started on your online marketing strategy

You may not be sure how to go about the first steps of creating your small business marketing budget, and that is where we can help.

Why not give us a call, or drop us a line to arrange a time where we can simply brainstorm some ideas and discover from productive ways you can increase your marketing, without breaking the bank.

We can talk you through some of the online channels that are available to help you market your business. Lets start with some simple goals keeping your existing customer base in mind.

Elly works with you more like a colleague than a contractor. She spends time and resources to understand your business and tailor the available solutions to suit your needs.

Eric Harrison / University of London

Elly Gray is fantastic to work with. She was integral to raising the brand awareness of OSLOH. She was especially effective in developing media coverage, reviews and influencer relationships for the brand. I highly recommend adding Biteintonet and Elly to your team.

Shawn Drayton / Osloh Bicycle Jeans

Elly Gray has been an expert small business and marketing advisor and speaker in the UK for Verisign, the global leader of domain names and internet security.

Verisign / Expert Advisor

Some Clients we have worked with on Digital Marketing Strategy