SEO and Social Media, what do I ask for?

SEO and Social Media, what do I ask for? 1

An optimised website can reap huge rewards for your website and business. Our sites are designed with search engines in mind.

SEO takes time so why not speak to our consultants about what fits your budget and needs. We help you integrate your site with social networks, use blogs and creative content to keep it alive and kicking its way to the top of the search engines.

We offer the following search engine help:

  1. Keyword analysis. We help you find the best keywords for your site and all of the pages within your site.
  2. Competitor analysis.  We help you find out what your competitors are up to.
  3. SEO analysis.  We help you find out how well you are doing and what the search engines think about your web presence.
  4. Website optimisation. Ensuring your content is rich and relevant to search engines and that your website architecture is fully optimised.
  5. Links. We help you analyse and build relevant links that drive targeted traffic to your site, and increase your position on search engines.
  6. Technical solutions. We install and submit a number of technical solutions that ensure all of your pages are registered with the search engines.
  7. Off page optimisation, content development, reputation management.

Using SEO with Social Networking

We consult on using social networking for SEO, so if you are confused or can’t see the wood for the trees then its time to ask! All you need to do is follow the SEO strategies that you use for your website and blog in your social networks, but if you arn’t sure which social networks to use or what your strategy is then we will help you make a shopping list and stick to a calendar.

We help you with your identity helping you use keywords strategically in your social networking posts and tweets and establish yourself as a brand across the social network on the Internet. Like website and blog SEO strategies you must also be well versed in the SEO technique so you know how to avoid SEO mistakes such as keyword stuffing, link spamming, and other SEO mistakes that actually hurt your rankings with the search engines instead of improving them.

In addition to understanding SEO, it is also important to set up a framework of strategies like you do when you establish your website or blog. An SEO social media strategy includes knowing your audience, establishing objectives for reaching your audience, coming up withy a strategy, and then choosing the social networking tools that you will need to accomplish the goal.

This means including a social media SEO strategy in your business and marketing plan.

The strategy should contain a keyword focus that will integrate well with all of the social networking and video marketing sites you will use as tools for reaching your online audience and establishing your brand. By optimizing your social media content you will attract a wider audience via the search engines and other Internet venues that attract a lot of organic traffic.

Dont’ leave this page without reading our 10 SEO Tips!

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