A quick look at Social Networks

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Social networks are watering holes for many businesses.  Whilst Facebook became the most popular social media site by the early 2000’s, Instagram has taken top spot for many businesses. There are plenty of networks to explore and it may well be that some work better for your business than others.

We will help you explore the world of social networks.In the meantime here are some start up tips!

  1. Display social networking buttons on your site so that people can find and follow you
  2. Use social sharing buttons on your website & blog to share your information
  3. Brand your social networking pages with your own branding to ensure you are instantly recognisable
  4. Where appropriate, stream your network content to your website
  5. Using keywords strategically in your social networking posts and tweets and establish yourself as a brand (these should be the same as your website!)

Using social networks

  1. Be generous, social networking is a 2 way street – follow others and share their thoughts
  2. Create an inner circle of regular marketing buddies
  3. Study the apps available within your social networks and use those relevant to you
  4. Decide how often you are going to use the networks and try to be consistent

Social content

If you don’t have time to generate extra content for social networks there are hundreds of tools for you to gather content in your sleep to keep your pages alive!

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