Affiliate Marketing. Who would recommend you?

Affiliate Marketing. Who would recommend you? 1

We are all ears when a friend makes a recommendation, affiliate marketing is no different. An insight into someone’s “little black book” goes a long way. It means that we are being given some insider knowledge, something of value.

The power of the word of mouth has to be one of the oldest marketing tools in the world, the difference being, that a recommendation back then was not just a pointer, but it came with a valued opinion. Affiliate sales programs are the digital worlds answer “giving a nod”.

This article explains more about affiliate selling, how it works and who it works for. It could be your answer to increasing your sales force and traffic to your web shop.

Affiliate Marketing. Who would recommend you? 2

A blog may not be something you have time for, but there are always bloggers that cover topics in your field, that are writing about and recommending products to their readers. Affiliate marketers earn commission by promoting and recommending products. You approach bloggers to see if they would like to evaluate, write about and promote your products. As you may run a PR campaign to approach journalists, you may run a blogger outreach campaign to work with bloggers.

Can you build your own affiliate marketing channel?

Sure you can. You may choose to approach bloggers, work with industry professionals or outlets that have a similar customer base to you that would compliment your brand.  You are offering bloggers content and a revenue share.  Bloggers are enabled by affiliate sales as it means they can promote products that they feel have value and earn an income as an affiliate marketer.

CHECKLIST: What do you need to build an affiliate sales program:

  • Affiliate Sales Tracking Software to integrate in your shop. Ask your web designer to make some recommendations.
  • A page on your website that explains your affiliate sales program, and its benefits. Think about what you are going to offer your affiliates and how they can help you.
  • An affiliate area. The more information you give your affiliates the more they can help you. As well as tracking codes to measure the traffic, you can provide them with product images, banners and inside information for their readers.
  • Going social? If your affiliates are on Instagram you will need to set up special check out codes to measure their success.

If you build a successful affiliate sales channel, you can make money while you sleep!

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