Improve your site performance with Google Tools

Improve your site performance with Google Tools 1

We help you to use Google Tools to Improve your Site’s Performance.

Improve your site performance with Google Tools 2The term “google it” has become a phrase used daily by many millions around the world. We have spent thousands of man hours researching and developing strategies that will help our clients appear in the search engines when their potential clients do just that.

Where do I stand on google, how does google perceive my brand is a question that most brand owners ask.

The Google essentials is the check list that we guide our clients through, or operate on their behalf. To improve your performance on Google Search there are some things you need to address:

  • We use Google Search Analytics to optimise your content. We will research which queries bring users to your site, analyse your site traffic and position on Google’s search
  • We get your content on Google. Our basic SEO package includes submitting sitemaps and your website’s URLs to Google for crawling. We can then review your site’s index coverage and make sure Google has the freshest view of your site content.
  • We can get alerts on issues from Google and fix your site. Our SEO services include setting up a monitor to identify issues with your site. We can see which URLs are affected by issues, fix them and update Google once we have done this.
  • We understand how Google Search sees your pages. Google Search includes a URL inspection tool that provides detailed information about your pages and how Google see’s them.
  • We can optimise and enhance your site. We test your site’s mobile usability and optimise your Rich Results.

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