Should I start a blog for my business in 2023?

Should I start a blog for my business in 2023? 1

Have you asked yourself, should I start a blog for my business in 2023? Will it help my marketing strategy to start a blog? Yes ….

If you are interested in digital marketing and improving your SEO in 2023, then the answer is a resounding YES!  Blogging may well be one of the oldies, but its also one of the best when it comes to digital marketing and here is why.

First of all, according to, blogging remains at the top of the leader board with it comes to the 10 content formats that appear regularly at the top of Google.  It remains a fact that the written word is still the easiest type of content for Google to read, index and rank. Not only that it is presented to Google by you and not a third party, such as Instagram or Facebook, who may well filter out parts of your work.

A blog is a chore and a commitment right?

It doesn’t have to be. A blog is an informal way of presenting your case in lots of different ways. We are all warned about being over verbose when it comes to our sales literature, so a blog is your chance to shine. Here is the good news, and something so many people didn’t know about blogs, you can republish a blog post. Something that you wrote last year, can be refreshed and represented with updated information or images again and again. Keep relevant information at the top of your blog, and use it to present your case in as many different ways as you see fit.

Here are some tips on blog writing in 2023

  • Think about who you want to read your blog, and what they may want to read;
  • Ask yourself what questions your audience might be looking for answers to, and use them in your title or content;
  • Group together specific information for specific readers. Not all your blog pieces need to appeal to all of your readers. There is nothing wrong with segmenting your content and offering an in-depth level of knowledge and information to those that are interested in a specific area.

Remember if you are blogging and your competition is not, you are ahead of the game!

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